About Us

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but overlook its sibling, creation. AutoScoop was created as a direct result of my own experiences buying and subsequently maintaining a car. Experiences I believed have been shared by us all. Frustrating and tiring experiences where I was the 'hunter' seeking out a new car or an honest repair but ended up feeling like the 'prey'. What intensifies the unfavorable feelings is that for many of us, the car is the second largest financial investment of our lives. It's therefore something we traditionally invest at lot of time on. But do we never feel like we come out ahead? I thought to myself - 'there must be a better way, a way where I am in the driving seat - other people must be as frustrated as me' With this thought in mind, AutoScoop was conceived. The idea was tested through an extensive survey and not surprising the results showed many people are as frustrated as be. Invigorated I worked further on the vision and developed the idea further, drawing on an extensive network of likeminded individuals to make the magic happen! We have faith that with our dedication and hard work, we will be able to add true value to the life of the Australian and put each of us in the driving seat! After all buying a car is not only a financial commitment. It's a time and emotional commitment too. Have you ever felt internal pressure to buy because the thought of another hour spent trawling through websites or a weekend wasted walking through car lots was too overwhelming? Have you spent hours ringing around to get a maintenance quote but still dreaded that call from the service center stating that some other work needs to be done? By harnessing and taking advantage of the Digital age, AutoScoop.com.au will help take away the stress throughout the life of your vehicle. When buying a new vehicle wouldn't it great if people came to you? After all YOU are the customer.


Our Mission is to provide you with the stressfree way to buy, lease, sell and manage your vehicle through out its life and importantly getting you to driver seat and allowing to focus on more importants things in your Life i.e., Family, Friends and Australian way of life.

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